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"Epidemic of the Unvaccinated?"

  So, our Senility in Chief Biden recently declared: “Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated,” Really.. Its funny that to make his "point" he has to include ALL OF 2020.  Since there wasn't a vaccine before December, that means Mar-December were ALL cases of unvaccinated people.. and that was the "hump". Its such a fraudulent statement, only a doof would believe it.  They need to read this book and develop some critical thinking skills ..

Covert Communication using iCyberChef

 CyberChef  ( ) is a geek tool that allows you to build various data transformations (recipes).  It comes in handy for decoding malware data, etc. Well, it can be used to create a covert comms channel.  This one uses simple DES which has an 8-character key.  If you're trying to avoid the Facebook "factcheckers" and nanny assholes, this is probably sufficient, but you can go a lot deeper if you want. 1) Go to iCyberChef and create a recipe that looks something like this. Here's a URL for your convenience:'option':'UTF8','string':'BidenSux'%7D,%7B'option':'UTF8','string':'Cheaters'%7D,'CBC','Raw','Hex')Generate_QR_Code('PNG',5,2,'Medium')&input=U28sIEJpZGVuIHN0b2xlIHRoZSBlbGVjdGlvbiBhbmQgdGhleSB3b24ndCBkbyBzaGl0IGFib3V0IGl0Lg So anything you type into the source data box gets encrypted using the