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 If you want to know why so many hospitals are jumping on the "Get the Vaccine or get fired" band-wagon, there's the answer... not patient care... not safety.. COLD  HARD   CASH AND UNLESS the Hospital violates your rights of conscience, religion, and bodily autonomy they don't get their bonus checks from the government.    "But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short." Revelation 12:12


  Remarks by President Biden while sitting on his toilet AUGUST 09, 2021 •  SPEECHES AND REMARKS Lost Somewhere in the White House 3:41 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT:  The vaccines work. Even as cases go up due to the highly transmissionable [sic] — transmissible disease, the Delta variant, I have become concerned that a much overlooked contributor to the spread of COVID 19 is Air Conditioning.    This has been a Pandemic of the Air Conditioned. Of the 600 thousand who have died of COVID 19 in America, 99% did so in air conditioned hospitals.  There is an undeniable correlation between Air Conditioning and the spread of COVID 19. I am calling for a Anti-Air Conditioning mandate and I am calling on industry partners to help us make this happen.  You can begin by turning off the Air Conditioning in Hospitals, Clinics, Shopping Malls, Grocery Stores.  Schools are an Air Conditioned environment ripe to spread COVID 19,  turn it off!  They can fan their masks to keep cool! Utility companies can he


"Dr Smith, do you want to report an adverse reaction to the COVID Vaccine?" "No, I don't want to report" Anyone familiar with the whole UFO controversy should recognize the similarity with the government's dismissive attitude towards claims and reports of COVID Vaccine incidents and the techniques they are using to discredit them. VAERS The VAERS system was launched by law as a response to the pattern of deception observed in the 1970s and 1980s about vaccines.  The intent was to provide an open system where vaccine adverse reactions could be reported.  The system is open by design, so that anyone can report an adverse defect, in order to prevent a cadre of medical professionals, scientists, or government officials from doing what they HAD been doing - preventing the reports. I can speak from experience.  In 2010, I was ordered by the USN to receive the Swine Flu vaccine on the Sunday of a drill weekend.  I went from being perfectly healthy, to a deep ches