VAERS Domestic Vs International - Where's the Beef?

 So, I've seen many comments by VAERS researchers who say the CDC deliberately hides the bad stuff by tagging it as non-US so lets look at the data and see (using the VAERS data as of 1/7/2022).  If the CDC is deliberately tagging records as Overseas to hide them, this has major ramifications across the board in trying to understand what's happening with children 5-11 now that they've been roped in.  Is there any value to even using the Domestic statistics rather than the whole, if the CDC is going to lie?

When we look at the record counts for US and Non-US records, we see that approximately 30% of the records are Non-US (Overseas) reports.   This actually seems high to me, given that these reports are allegedly straggling in because Pfizer and Moderna are US companies, so someone in Bogata might file a report in VAERS as opposed to or in addition to the WHO and their local health department.  But given the sheer volume of COVID vaccine reports, 310k foreign reports seems a bit much.

Already, this looks a little odd.  Across all the major reporting categories, more than 52% are Overseas?  Lets go by category.

Deaths is skewed even more towards the overseas records.  That seems sus.

Hospitalizations and Dr Offices are where I would expect most reports to be filed. but the trend towards "Overseas" reporting is still very strong with Hospitalizations, but no so with Dr Offices and Urgent Care.  Its like Hospitalizations are the "worse" statistics so the CDC tags them as "Overseas" but Dr and Urgent Care/ER aren't so scary, so they let them fall in the US.

Allergic Reaction isn't scary, heck yea that can be domestic, but Anaphylaxis and Bells Palsy are too scary for people so they get filed in Overseas

Now, Heart Attack.. that's scary.. back to the Overseas skew again.

Miscarriages, that's scary too.. even scarier than Heart Attacks, skew it more.

Thrombocytopenia must terrify the CDC (although most people won't know what it means).

Life Threatening.. sounds less threatening.. the CDC is more comfortable with that.

Permanently Disabled, that scares them more than Deaths.. and it should, you can only die once, but a permanently disabled person can be disabled for decades and give lots of speeches about how the COVID vax did it.  We don't want to talk about that.

Shingles is less threatening, so back we swing to Domestic.  It should really scare people.  The only reason Shingles is a side effect is that the COVID vax is destroying your immune system and giving the old Chickenpox virus an opportunity to rush back out in the form of Shingles.  Its like a canary in the mineshaft of your immune system.

So, yea, I'm going to rule this VERIFIED.  They ARE deliberately hiding the "bad stuff" in the International bucket.


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