This gem from 

The post:

The geographical area (this will be important):

A Russian BTG - Battalion Tactical Group - here is a reasonably good source of detailed information:

"in 2016, Russia had 66 BTGs; by 2021 it reportedly had 168."  So we're to believe that 1/6th the entire Russian fighting force is in this tiny area, given there is fighting across the entire Donbas?

Now, take this structure, and multiply it by 30-50... again, in that small area.  There is also a lot of artillery support, and Russia loves artillery much more than the US.  

One skeptical commentor said "What are they, assembled on a parade field?" meaning to get that many men and machine into such a small area, they'd have to be lined up like they were on a parade.

Twitterverse is full of these all-knowing poo-bah's - haven't we seen so many Drs ignore the science and safety data and keep pushing masking and the raunchy COVID vax? 

Stop just trusting these "experts" - they all have an agenda.  This poster's agenda seems to be to beat the "Russians are going to use CBRNE weapons drum"


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