So, do you still trust the FDA? Why?


This headline.. if you didn't already distrust the FDA, this should clench it.  So much for "transparency."  Lets look at the data we DO have.. directly from VAERS, the only system they're prohibited by law from keeping from you (and if you've noticed, they've worked hard to make CDC Wonder as incomprehensible as possible).

As of Sept 2, this is the following VAERS COVID vaccine data:

So, I grab the number of COVID shots given and calculate the odds of injury.

The way to use these charts is to figure what YOU think the VAERS accuracy is, go to that column, and then get the appropriate odds for that adverse event.  For example, the study HHS commissioned Harvard to do in 2012 concerning the accuracy of VAERS, said 1% of all events get reported.  If that's true for COVID, 3.06 million people have died from the vaccine.  My personal observation seems to be between 10-20%, so that means between 153k and 306k have died. 

The second chart is your odds, per shot, of an adverse event.  So, according to my "gut" feeling the number is between 10-20%.   So your odds of dying per shot are 1:8,316 (20%) and 1:4,158 (10%).  Perhaps, more disturbing, is the odds of being permanently disabled is : 1:8,065 (20%) and 1:4,032 (10%).

Let me put those in a table:

    20%                                                                         10%

    Dying                    Permanently Disabled                Dying                Permanently Disabled

    1:8,316                            1:4,158                            1:8,065                        1:4,032

Its a frigging coin flip!  Your odds of being dead (usually within 7-14 days) is almost identical to being permanently disabled.. a twitching, gibbering, mess unable to work or even sit in quietly in a chair for 5 minutes.. for DECADES.

No wonder the FDA doesn't want to discuss the safety data and how they have CLEARLY not been monitoring the safety, or they simply do not give one sh*t if you die.


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