"Don't Look Up" An accidental criticism of the Biden administraion.


So, Netflix has a new show they've been promoting over the Holidays "Don't Look Up". 

If you hate spoilers.. stop reading.. watch it.. and come back.. I'll wait.

OK. The premise of the film is that there is a massive extinction-level comet on course to kill everything on earth in 6 months.  At first the administration is "Meh" but then embraces the comet for political gain.  Just as they're about to take action to deflect the comet, this mega-rich social media guy comes in and talks them into NOT destroying it but carving it up for all the minerals and getting rich.  This guy is like some composite merger of Jack, Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates (complete with fobias).

All of a sudden, everything is about this new plan.  The "experts" all fall in line behind it while actual critical thought, qualified scientists, etc. are sidelined and cancelled from social media, jobs, etc.   In the end, their big plan is a bust and everyone dies except the elites that caused the problem because they escaped on a "plan B" escape ship, leaving everyone else to die.  When the detractors launch a "look up" campaign to get the public to simply look at the sky and SEE the comet, the administration and media giants launch their own star-spangled "don't look up" campaign.

Given the lead-times to make a film like this, I suspect it actually started production in 2020, and its all-star cast of leftie actors all thought they were making a film lampooning Trump on the assumption he would be re-elected.  Except Trump wasn't.. so its been Biden who's been holding the bag all year.  Its under Joe Biden:

  • twice as many people have died of /with COVID under Biden than under Trump despite
    • having a vaccine that Biden et al swore they wouldn't take under Trump, but are now all on board with
    • a year of treatment experience that Trump didn't have when COVID first came out.
  • Biden has mandated the vaccine, but it seems to not be stopping COVID
  • Omnicron seems to PREFER infecting vaccinated people.
  • Thousands have died FROM the vaccine Biden keeps mandating.
  • No one in the administration, the CDC, FDA, HHS.. will admit there is a problem.
  • Now they want to foist it onto children! (as a side note, this is the "Holy Grail" for Pfizer and Moderna, which is why you don't see Comirnaty in the USA.  Once they get it approved for children, the childhood immunization immunity laws kick in and prevent Pfizer and Moderna from being liable for all the people they're killing)

I'm not sure what administration they WANTED to lampoon, but they hit Biden right between the eyes.


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