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 This gem from  The post: The geographical area (this will be important): A Russian BTG - Battalion Tactical Group - here is a reasonably good source of detailed information: "in 2016, Russia had 66 BTGs; by 2021 it reportedly had 168."  So we're to believe that 1/6th the entire Russian fighting force is in this tiny area, given there is fighting across the entire Donbas? Now, take this structure, and multiply it by 30-50... again, in that small area.  There is also a lot of artillery support, and Russia loves artillery much more than the US.   One skeptical commentor said "What are they, assembled on a parade field?" meaning to get that many men and machine into such a small area, they'd have to be lined up like they were on a parade. Twitterverse is full of these all-knowing poo-bah's - haven't we seen so many Drs ignore the science and safet

Disarming the West, Conquering Taiwan

 I've seen so many of these photos, its amazing that the UAF still have any weapons. All of these are Western-supplied weapons, abandoned by retreating UA forces.  These are just the weapons that make it to the front - experts say 70% of weapons sent are siphoned off and are on the Black Market or other uses.    Of course, all these weapons are coming from our surplus stockpiles, right?  So our military readiness is not depleted by our largesse to the UAF.  Then you see tweets from US servicemen like this, and its not an isolated observation, there are whole threads of them on FB and Twitter.  So, they're pulling resources from AD components in order to fulfill Joe Biden's promises of aid to UAF. Thanks to terminalcwo for compling this list below: I'm sure China is laughing their asses off.  While China builds a full-scale duplicate of the Taiwan Presidential Palace to practice invasion, we are sending the weapons we would need to defend Taiwan and deter Chinese aggress





Stop Believing the Bullshit

 First off, let me say there are no "good actors" in the Ukraine-Russia war.  One is not required to be either pro-Ukraine or pro-Russia.  But we are being fed a steady stream of pro-Ukraine bullshit. Case 1 - The "Russian" missile strike on the Kramatorsk Train Station on April 4, 2022.    The narrative went, Russia deliberately struck a train station in Donbas with a cluster munition rocket.  This would, of course, be a war crime, not only for targeting a civilian location but also for using a cluster munition on civilians.  The fact that a rocket did indeed hit the train station isn't in dispute, here is coverage of the event.. and this coverage is key to understanding the truth. Firstly its important to understand the technology here:  This is a Tochka-U not a Iskander.  The Tochka-U is old Soviet-Era tech.. Russia having moved on to newer Iskander rockets so it makes it unlikely, but not impossible, that Russia fired it.  Also, the serial number on this roc

A thought exercise about Mexico

 JUST IMAGINE..  The year is 1995, after long being part of the United States, Mexico becomes an independent nation.  For many years, it has a pro-US government and a cordial working relationship with its former parent nation. The year is 2014.  The Russian KGB has funded a "color revolution" radical Mexican Nationalists, radicals who see Mexico as polluted by non-Mexicans who live there, are not native Spanish speakers, of the same racial makeup.  They see the border states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas which have majority populations of non-Mexican peoples who've lived there for many generations, as a particular area of concern. Violent protests erupt between the Pro-Purity and Pro-USA elements, with thousands of Pro-Purity protesters attacking Pro-USA protesters in Guadalajara, killing 60 of them and trying to burn the rest in a building.  The Mexican government does nothing, signalling to the radicals that such violence is acceptable.  The KGB-fun