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Left's Claim - you cannot trust VAERS.. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

 VAERS - the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System - a system open BY LAW for reporting adverse vaccine side effects.  Congress created this system, operational in 1990, as a response to a number of scandals which had destroyed public confidence in vaccines.  Most notorious, and this one should sound familiar, was a vaccine rolled out quickly in 1976 with little to no real testing, which ended up injuring a lot of people.. all the while the Government and the Media pretended like the injuries weren't happening (sound familiar?) Until 2020, VAERS was considered a valuable tool - a canary in the coal mine per se - to detect adverse events associated with vaccines.  From its onset, it was known that VAERS would not be a perfect system, there is no legal requirement to file reports in it, many Drs go their entire career and never file a report.  A report by HARVARD commissioned by the CDC in 2012 found that 1% or less adverse effects are being reported. When I reported an adverse even